The Czech Barn Owl Study Group was estabilished in 1998. It is a special section of Working Group on Protection and Research of Birds of Prey and Owls - Czech Society for Ornithology. Today, the group consists of 41 members.


The Aims of the Czech Barn Owl Study Group are:

  • to monitor Barn Owl breeding sites in the Czech Republic
  • to support the breeding population through the installation of nesting boxes in farms, church and chapel towers
  • to support the breeding population by making those architectural objects which are appropriate accessible to birds
  • to conduct species biology research, breeding distribution surveys and to monitor population density changes
  • to screen off molasses tanks on farms to prevent birds from drowning in them
  • to co-operate with other NGOs, local and national authorities, and the owners and operators of farms and churches
  • to prepare a national species protection plan for the Barn Owl
  • to co-ordinate with the captive birds breeding program to further support the naturally breeding population - public education